JRGM’s Back Pack Drive!

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Giving back to our community is one of the cornerstones of our work at JRGM.  As citizens of the world, we believe it’s our great responsibility to positively impact the places we call home.  We see our employees, vendors and customers as an extension of our family and for that reason we invite you to partner with us in an exciting stewardship opportunity. As the new school year approaches, we have partnered with Poquoson Elementary School in an effort to provide school supplies for many of their children whose families […]

July Smart Irrigation Month – Know the Difference: Drought Stress or Fungus?

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It’s the time of year when temperatures are high and the grass is starting to look a little brown.  We understand that the immediate reaction is to think your grass is dying.  We want to assure you that your grass is not dying. First, we must explain the difference between Fescue grass and Bermuda grass. These two types of grass have very different properties. Fescue grass, the most common type of grass, thrives during cooler months in spring and fall. Bermuda grass, which is less common, tends to flourish more […]

JRGM Works to Protect and Preserve Our Waterways

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This week marks the beginning of July Smart Irrigation Month!  The conservation of our natural resources is more prevalent than ever, with water conservation at the forefront. It’s not enough to simply use less water to conserve water; we must preserve the quality of our water by protecting it from pesticides, fertilizers and other excess chemicals. Virginia is one of the leading states in implementing a nutrient management strategy to reduce runoff from lawns, offices, parks, and golf courses. Much of our drinking water comes from the ground so it […]

JRGM Welcomes Our Newest Estimator, Rian Crabtree!

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My very first job in high school was in landscaping, and it is there that my passion for the landscape and horticulture industry began.  Shortly thereafter, I discovered the pride I had in making the natural and man-made landscape more appealing.  This ultimately led to my enrollment in the Landscape Architecture program at Virginia Tech. While successfully pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture as well as a Minor in Horticulture, I completed two design internships with Basnight Land & Lawn and Whitesell Group Inc.  I have additionally enjoyed pursuing freelance […]

Choosing the Correct Fuel for Outdoor Power Equipment

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In our industry, every day we are faced with equipment challenges: Mower blades break, equipment breaks down or parts break. But we find that proper fuel and equipment maintenance helps to minimize fuel system issues, which in turn helps with the overall functioning of your equipment. Here are some helpful tips to keep your equipment running at its best this cutting season:   – Purchase only the amount of fuel that will be used in 30 days. – Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel the day you buy it. – […]

Employees Tell Us Why They Enjoy Working at JRGM!

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Pierce Larson, Williamsburg Production Manager Before coming to JRGM, I attended the PLANET GIC Conference in Louisville KY where I met Williamsburg Branch Manager, Dale O’Connell and President, Maria Candler. After the conference, Maria and I kept in touch and she invited me to do my internship for college at JRGM. During my internship, I learned how a large-scale commercial company operates while still keeping that family-oriented atmosphere among every branch I worked in. Not only did the employees know who the owners of the company were, but I consistently […]

JRGM Celebrates Earth Day – Partnering With Our Clients to Plant Over 700 Trees!

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This year for our Earth Day giving back project, we have teamed up with a group called Treecycler.com. This extraordinary organization helps us work together to plant trees for reforestation projects around the world! By planting a tree in one of the many reforestation projects Treecycler supports, you’ll be helping the environment and communities around the world. This giving back project is one of our most exciting projects yet! By giving back, we continue to show gratitude for all the good fortune in our own lives by paying it forward. […]

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