Our Leadership

Ownership Team

Maria Candler
CLP, President and CEO

Jason Knight
Vice President and COO

Todd Pendleton
Vice President Business Development

James Batterson
Vice President Facilities Management

Industry & Community Involvement

Employees at James River have always played key roles in industry advocacy, most notably with leadership involvement in the Professional Landcare Network. Maria Candler has served on several committees as well as holding a board of directors seat for several years. James River has received mention in countless media outlets for involvement and commitment to the industry.  Our employees are committed to serving within their communities.  Giving back is an important part of our culture as a company.

Leadership Behaviors

We believe that self awareness is the key to successful leadership. Every member of our management team spends time exploring themselves and developing important tools to lead successful teams. Learning how to show up each day as your best self is the primary objective.  The leaders at James River Ground Management, commit to lead by example and model the behaviors we expect of our team members. We are:

Trustworthy, honest, dependable and ethical in all our interactions

Goal-oriented, purposeful in our interactions, and focused on our priorities

Proactive, take initiative and the necessary action to anticipate and meet spoken and unspoken expectations

Passionate about what we do displaying self-confidence, a positive, can-do attitude and inspiring others to do the same

Effective communicators – we are direct and honest, approach interactions with an open mind, genuinely listen, and ensure that the message communicated is clear, and understood.

Team-focused – we respect and care for each team members, appreciate what each members brings to the team and work to ensure that everybody knows what a ‘win’ is and how each person contributes to the team’s success.

Responsible and Accountable – we do what we say we are going to do and when we don’t, we take responsibility for our actions. We take ownership for decision-making, being solution-oriented and meeting agreed upon expectations.

Committed to continuous improvement for ourselves, our team members, our operations and our work with customers.

10 Year Plan

Our expectation is to continue the growth and success of the organization by fostering and empowering the next generation of owners / leaders.  Quite simply, we create leaders and career paths for our employees.