Introducing JRGM’s Satisfaction Coach, PIP!

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Administrator in JRGM Blog | 0 Comments

We’re excited to introduce our newest employee,  James River Grounds Management Satisfaction Coach, Pip. His name stands for Partnership In Planning and his number one priority is reminding the JRGM team that it requires planning, organization and good communication to ensure that both our employees and our clients are highly satisfied.

Since the inception of JRGM, we have been focused on customer satisfaction. Equally important is the satisfaction of our employees. When our employees are satisfied, they take better care of our customers. When our customers are satisfied, they provide us more opportunities and our business grows. When the business grows our employee’s careers grow.  Everyone wins!

You will see that Pip has a plan in hand and a back pack  full of tools to get the job done. Throughout the year you will see Pip in action.  You just never know where he might show up (training events, fun events, interesting travel and of course, giving back to the community).

Please follow his activities on Facebook and his Website.  You won’t be sorry you did!

Check out our new Harlem Shake video where Pip makes his debut to introduce our new shirt color!

Click Here to Watch on YouTube

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